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We know robust and transparent metrics are important because our customers value access to reliable sustainability data.

Simon Cox, UK Head of Sustainability, Prologis UK


Leading the way in Zero Carbon Commuting

Prologis is the leading industrial logistics buildings provider to some of the UK’s biggest brands. A business committed to building long-standing relationships with customers and the communities close to its parks, they recently launched the Hub at DIRFT in Northamptonshire. This brand new facility was designed with a dedicated space for site occupiers to meet and learn.

In a bid to support their customers embed sustainability across their business operations, Prologis sought to help occupier’s employees commute more sustainably. Utilising Mobilityways Travel Survey and Scoping tools, Prologis were able to identify opportunities to decarbonise the commute, save employees money and minimise the site’s environmental impact.

In July 2022, Prologis & Mobilityways hosted an employer engagement meeting with Prologis DIRFT customers including Boohoo, DHL, Sainsburys and Royal Mail to present data findings from the Scoping and Travel Survey analysis. Car-sharing experts, Liftshare, smart bus platform, Zeelo, and bus operator, Stagecoach, presented solutions to address the gaps in provision.

Hoping to learn and replicate this collaborative stakeholder approach to the commuting emissions challenge, a delegation from the Future of Transport team at the Department for Transport and West Northants Council were in attendance.

Four Prologis’s customers participated in the event, with representatives proactively seeking solutions to commuting issues impacting their businesses. This included a need to reduce emissions in line with ambitious net zero goals, the need to access a broader talent pool in a difficult labour market and a desire to engage their workforce with valuable employee benefits.

It’s not just about reducing emissions from the commute, which is really important and one of my primary interests here, but it’s also about access to talent. It’s about reducing operational costs. It’s about being more competitive. It’s about being able to give a fully rounded offer to different employment groups.


Kirsty Austin, Deputy Director Future Transport, Department for Transport

Learn more about the project from the DfT, Prologis, Pertemps and Zeelo


Commuting is responsible for 5% of the UK’s
total CO2e emissions
(18 million tonnes a year)

Prologis has embraced Mobilityways as a means to support their customers;


Reduce Scope 3 emissions to meet net zero goals


Identify and overcome barriers to sustainable travel at the DIRFT site


Understand employee sentiments towards the commute


Make data based decisions about sustainable travel initiatives


Encourage healthier
and more active lifestyles


Utilise the Liftshare Platform to access a border talent pool


Provide a valuable employee benefit to help their teams save money

Key outcomes from Mobilityways Liftshare


55% would take public transport if reliable services were available to match their shift patterns.


55% of staff would car share if priority parking was made available and they could find someone to car share with.


25% would regularly cycle if the routes were made safer – with the route from Rugby being the main opportunity.

The data collection piece is absolutely at the forefront of Zero Carbon Commuting. Without that data we can’t make meaningful choices and we can’t invest in the right places and get the most for our money to get the most benefit out of whatever subsidies we have available.

David Mellor, Director of Project Management, Prologis

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