We’re on a mission to make zero carbon commuting a reality.

Providing large employers with the tools and knowledge to achieve Zero Carbon Commuting.

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The Mobilityways Platform

Ground-breaking employer climate tech, empowering you to measure, reduce and report commuter emissions in one place.

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Identify sustainable travel options

Gain full visibility of your current commuter landscape, understand the challenges and identify real-world sustainable travel alternatives for your team.

Achieve your net zero targets

Benchmark your commuter emissions against past performance, other organisations or regions. Set targets, track your progress and effectively measure the success of your mobility initiatives.

Engage your

Remove the stress of the commute and promote the health and wellbeing of your team by supporting active and sustainable travel options.

In line with the NHS commitment to be a zero carbon NHS Trust by 2040, we believe that the Mobilityways Platform can play a key role in first reducing, and ultimately eliminating our commute emissions. The Dashboard’s ability to support the production of personal travel plans, reporting and evidence of interventions to reduce single occupancy vehicles will help to ensure all this work is not onerous.

Richard Walker, The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

We have driven down 300 million kg of commuter carbon emissions in over 700 organisations.

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Powerful Data Insights

Gain a 360º view of the your local mobility landscape to overcome commuting challenges and support your workforce to travel more sustainably and meet net zero goals.


Understand how your team currently commutes to work. Monitor and track the success of your behavioural change initiatives, and develop a clear understanding of your team’s commuting sentiment.

Smart Mobility

Scoping Smart Mobility uses employee postcodes to give detailed insight on what sustainable commute options are genuinely available to your workforce.

Travel Plan

Make sustainable commuting personal, by providing each of your team a Personal Travel Plan detailing the sustainable options available to them as an individual.

Mobilityways is the only software solution dedicated to decarbonising the commute.

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Cheshire Constabulary

Public sector trailblazers embrace the Mobilityways platform to tackle commuting emissions, reduce historical parking challenges and meet net zero goals.

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Read how we’re helping our customers achieve their sustainable goals
At Vodafone we are committed to minimising our impact on the planet and to running our business responsibly and sustainably, reducing the energy we use and the waste we produce.
Arriva’s sustainability goals are working with a number of local and national stakeholders on promoting all forms of public transport as well as active travel. We’re working with Local Authorities and Mobilityways to show the impact of those goals and the impact it’s making on the people within those businesses in their daily lives.

The Mobilityways Platform is powered by ACEL©

Estimating your ACEL (Average Commuter Emissions Level) for your organisation will allow you to quickly identify the modes of travel that are emitting the highest levels of CO2, allowing you to set targets and implement changes to reduce this.

All you need is your organisation’s last travel survey.

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The Mobilityways Platform combines our two decades of knowledge and experience in improving the commute. It is the complete solution to understand, measure and change the impact from your commuters.

Ali Clabburn, CEO, Mobilityways

Ali Clabburn, CEO, Mobilityways

95% of employees could Commute Back Better!

Analysis of half a million postcodes shows latent potential of the sustainable commute.

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