Liftshare For Work

Powered by the UK’s largest car-sharing platform, Liftshare For Work empowers your team to commute together.

Create sustainable commuters

Reduce Scope 3 commuter emissions associated with single occupancy commutes to meet your net zero goals.

Boost employee engagement & retention

Improve site access to reach a wider pool of talent, while accommodating changing shift patterns and flexible working.

Financial cost savings for you and your team

Reduce infrastructure costs while your team enjoy thousands of pounds in travel costs savings every year.

Over 1 Billion

miles saved

£226 million

saved in travel costs

250,000 tonnes

of CO2e saved

We’re proud to have the largest single-site carsharing scheme in the UK and have had a branded scheme for over a decade. Our 8,400 members have reduced single-occupancy car use, saving more than 83.2 million miles over the last 13 years which equates to around 18.7 tonnes of CO2e. It’s a great benefit to offer colleagues across Team Heathrow who have saved over £21.3m in travel costs since the scheme was set up. The functionality of Liftshare software means the platform is tailored to meet our needs and we’re able to incentivise sustainable travel through dedicated car parking bays for sharers.

Timothy Wells, Surface Access Travel & Policy Lead, Heathrow Airport

Sustainable commuting solution

Make sustainability a key focus for the return to the workplace by helping your team make greener commutes. A shared journey is twice as efficient and half as expensive as driving alone, with substantial CO2e savings contributing to your net-zero goals.

Be proactive in tackling Scope 3 commuter emissions

Each vehicle removed from the road saves an average 139kg of CO2e per employee every year.

Track the number of shared journeys and miles saved

View all of your sustainable travel data on a custom dashboard. Collectively, Liftshare communities have saved over 1 billion miles!

Improve air quality in your local area

Fewer cars mean less congestion and reduced emissions in your local area.

A net zero strategy that doesn’t include Scope 3 commuting emissions isn’t a net zero strategy

Start making CO2e savings today

I am extremely pleased with how the Liftshare system is constantly evolving and improving to provide us with more and more valuable data. The whole Liftshare community has been a huge success for Arup and very much helped to alleviate our car park issues. I would be more than happy to recommend their services to other businesses.

Sandy Farar, Arup

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Of staff Liftsharing in 3 months


Drop in Commuter CO2e


Fewer cars parking onsite


Million miles saved

Hybrid-work ready

A bespoke, fully branded Liftshare community serves employees’ commuting needs regardless of where or when they work. Changing shift patterns, flexible working and multi-site organisations are accommodated through a responsive mobile app that connects your entire workforce.

Access the best talent

Broaden your potential talent pool by extending access to areas underserved by public transport.

Be the employer of choice with staff benefits that save your team money and allow them to connect with likeminded sharers across your organisation.

Shared journeys are less stressful and introduce like-minded sharers to make new friends.

Start building employee engagement with a bespoke Liftshare community

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Smart Parking

Overcome common employee frustrations, reducing demand on your parking infastructure with Liftshare’s Smart Parking feature – an all-encompassing car park management solution.

Smart Parking illustration

Reward sustainable commuters

Incentivise sustainable commuting through priority parking for liftshareres. Track sharing behaviours and reward those that do.

No-touch permitting

Parking permits can be downloaded through the app, with trip authentication technology to verify sharing and avoid the abuse of dedicated parking bays.

Integrate with other solutions

Liftshare technology is fully integrable with ANPR cameras and other reward and management tools including AppyWay and Betterpoints.

Take the pain out of parking by reducing single-occupancy vehicle commutes

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Increasing car occupancy from current levels of 1.55 people to 1.7 could save nearly 3 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year by 2030 – roughly equivalent to that currently emitted from all UK buses in a year.

Lift sharing: local authority toolkit, Department for Transport

Trusted by more than 700 corporate communities

Liftshare For Work is powered by the same platform used by over 700,000 members on the Liftshare Public Community.