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ACEL Target

Set ambitious but achievable targets using ACEL

Engage your team with a detailed report and stakeholder workshops. Outline a series of customised options to achieve your net zero targets.

  • Benchmark your current commuter emissions
  • Clarify the opportunities for modal shift and set targets
  • Establish and implement sustainability plans with ease

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The Mobilityways Platform is going to play a key role in achieving our ambition to be a ‘clean air hospital’ by 2025. Proactively reducing our ACEL (Average Commuter Emissions Level) will help us demonstrate the value of a shift to sustainable transport – environmentally, financially and to our team’s health and wellbeing.

Stewart Cundy, Senior Sustainable Transport and Travel Manager, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Trust

Personal Travel Plan

Make sustainable commuting personal by providing employees with a Personal Travel Plan.

PTPs are travel plans bespoke to each employee, detailing all the commutes available to them.

Mobilityways PTP is the only journey planner in the UK that lists public transport, walking, cycling and Liftshare results in one place.

Each plan is followed up with an automatic survey. This no-touch data collection allows you to measure modal shifts generated by each plan and stored in the PTP behaviour change dashboard.

Embeddable widget for your staff intranet.

Shows the most efficient and sustainable means of travel between any two points.

Bulk upload journeys or have staff plan their trips individually.

Track whether your team changed their commute, with an interactive dashboard of results.

Engage your staff with Mobilityways PTPs

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PTP has been an essential tool to promote more sustainable transport methods. Being able to educate staff on their sustainable options has ensured we are moving forward with our sustainability goals.

Jo Talbot, University of Central Lancashire

Liftshare For Work

Make sustainability central to a return to the office by empowering your team to connect with colleagues and share their journey to work.

A shared journey is twice as efficient and half as expensive as driving alone, with substantial CO2e savings contributing to your net-zero goals.

Be proactive in tackling Scope 3 commuter emissions

Each vehicle removed from the road saves an average 139kg of CO2e per employee every year.

Track the number of shared journeys and miles saved

View all of your sustainable travel data on a custom dashboard. Collectively, Liftshare communities have saved over 1 billion miles!

Improve air quality in your local area

Fewer cars mean less congestion and reduced emissions in your local area.

A net zero strategy that doesn’t include Scope 3 commuting emissions isn’t a net zero strategy

Start making CO2e savings today

A complete emissions reduction solution

The only software solution dedicated to decarbonising the commute, Mobilityways supports you to measure, reduce and report on your Scope 3 commuter emissions to contribute towards your net-zero goals.


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