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commitment to be carbon neutral

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We seek to protect the environment by addressing the complex challenges presented by population growth, climate change, biodiversity loss, increasing energy demand and resource scarcity to live within the natural limits of our planet. We will approach our work holistically, making decisions based on a clear view of the environmental outcomes and impacts, aiming to be a Net Zero GHG emissions organisation by 2030.

Fergal Whyte Enviromental Director @ Arup

Mobilityways – delivering sustainable travel to Arup’s award-winning sustainable office in Solihull

Arup’s is based in Solihull in the West Midlands and is home to over 900 employees. They were suffering from major parking problems around their site, with cars double parking because of car parks at capacity. This was causing untold stress amongst staff and the facilities team.

Using Mobilityways Arup are promoting staff to use more sustainable transport modes such as Liftsharing to solve car parking capacity issues and to help them achieve being a Net Zero organisation by 2030.

We had 320 spaces and 900 staff, we filled all of them all and then, they were on the verges, they were on the end of spaces, they were on the entrances and exits. People couldn’t get out of the car park, they were blocked in. It, it was just a hazard. It was really important we sorted this issue out

Sandy Fara Business Service Partner @ Arup

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Arup’s Solihulll office is on track for Zero Carbon Commuting by 2030

1,500 tonnes

of CO2 emissions saved


miles saved

£1.5 million

saved in staff fuel costs

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Commuting is responsible for 5% of the UK’s total CO2e emissions (18 million tonnes a year)

Arup is a gloabl company with their 3rd largest office being based out of the midlands with over 900 employees.

Arup needed a solution that decreased single occupancy car travel and encouraged sustainable travel to ease pressure on their parking infrastructure:

Decreased the number of single occupancy car

Reduce the environmental impact of staffs commutes

Saves staff travel costs

Simple tracking of those who have Liftshared

Encourage healthier and more active lifestyles

Provide a solution that is simple to use for the end user

Key outcomes from Mobilityways Liftshare

56% of staff share a commute

83% of staff parking infrastructure

Reduced carbon footprint

We had Liftshare bays in a section of the car park that was all dedicated to Liftshare. We never exceeded our car park spaces. So, there were always some left. We went from mayhem to a comfortable situation. That was a massive change from where we used to be. We got rid of our health and safety issues. People connected with people that they didn’t use to connect with before. So, it just made life a lot, lot better for everybody, for the business and for people.

Sandy Fara Business Service Partner @ Arup

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