The Mobilityways Platform

Powered by ACEL©, the Mobilityways Platform is a suite of software tools that enables employers to evidence, track, plan and change their commuter emissions.

Identify sustainable travel options

Gain full visibility of your current commuter landscape, understand the challenges and identify real-world sustainable travel alternatives for your team.

Achieve your net zero targets

Benchmark your commuter emissions against past performance, other organisations or regions. Set targets, track your progress and effectively measure the success of your mobility initiatives.

Engage your workforce

Remove the stress of the commute and promote the health and wellbeing of your team by supporting active and sustainable travel options.

In line with the NHS commitment to be a zero carbon NHS Trust by 2040, we believe that the Mobilityways Platform can play a key role in first reducing, and ultimately eliminating our commute emissions. The Dashboard’s ability to support the production of personal travel plans, reporting and evidence of interventions to reduce single occupancy vehicles will help to ensure all this work is not onerous.

Richard Walker, The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

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Travel Survey

Understand how your team currently commutes to work. Monitor and track the success of your behavioural change initiatives, and develop a clear understanding of your team’s commuting sentiment.

Inform your travel policies/initiatives

Get a clear picture of how you staff travel to understand commuter behaviours and design initiatives that will encourage positive behaviour change.

Track modal shift pre/post Covid-19 and measure the impact of your sustainable travel initiatives.

Collect data on key commuter behaviours including modality, barriers to sustainable travel options, distance travelled, journey frequency and other key commuter attributes.

Use our built-in travel survey templates, or create your own custom surveys, to understand current employee travel habits. Capture your team’s sentiment towards commuting, as well as any changes they have made or plan to make to their journey.

Survey data is used to calculate your ACEL, allowing you to understand the full impact of your commuter emissions.

Travel surveys should be completed at least annually. By regularly repeating your survey you can measure the impact of behavioural change initiatives and examine seasonal variations in travel.

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Working with Mobilityways has been absolutely brilliant at allowing us to look at the potential demand and the changes we can make to better meet the needs of the community.

Scoping Smart Mobility

Gain a 360º view of the real-world commuting options available to your team.

Scoping Smart Mobility uses employee postcodes to give detailed insight on what sustainable commute options are genuinely available to your workforce.

We analyse the real-world active travel, public transport and Liftshare options available to your team. The findings are compiled into interactive maps and a detailed report.

Understand what commute options are viable for your team

Forecast potential employee health and wellbeing benefits

Individual cost and efficiency savings of new travel options

Develop behavioural change initiatives built upon solid facts

Understand your potential environmental savings.

Business case to focus resource to improve on-site provisions

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We discovered only 9% of employees could utilise public transport, and only 6% live within walking distance. Scoping gave us a toolbox which we can utilise to really maximise our travel policy and transport choices for our colleagues travelling to work.


Make sustainable commuting personal, by providing each of your team a Personal Travel Plan detailing the sustainable options available to them as an individual.

PTP is the only journey planner in the UK that lists public transport, walking and cycling results as well as car sharing matches in one place.

Embeddable widget for your staff intranet.

Shows the most efficient and sustainable means of travel between any two points.

Bulk upload journeys or have staff plan their trips individually.

Track whether your team changed their commute, with an interactive dashboard of results.

Engage your staff with Mobilityways PTPs

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PTP has been an essential tool to promote more sustainable transport methods. Being able to educate staff on their sustainable options has ensured we are moving forward with our sustainability goals.

ACEL Certification

ACEL© (Average Commuter Emissions Level) is the only standardised methodology for benchmarking and comparing commuter emissions over time. Showcase your commitment to reducing your CO2e with ACEL Certification.

ACEL Certification recognises a continuous improvement in commuter emissions working towards your net zero goals. Employers who demonstrate a 5% reduction in their ACEL over the course of 12 months are awarded ACEL Certification.

ACEL Certificate

Celebrate your achievement with your team by proudly displaying your ACEL certificate in your offices. Highlight your environmental credentials online with a digital ACEL badge for your online materials.

A comprehensive report detailing how you achieved your CO2e reduction through analysis of your workforce’s commuting behavior. Identify further opportunities to work towards Zero Carbon Commuting.

Engage others on your net zero mission by sharing your achievements online. Mobilityways will provide you with free promotional assets and support to highlight the positive environmental impact of your sustainable commuting initiatives.

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The Mobilityways Platform combines our two decades of knowledge and experience in improving the commute. It is the complete solution to understand, measure and change the impact from your commuters.

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